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Janine Cloete

Meet Janine Cloete, a mom to two boys, business owner, and NBI® Whole Brain practitioner. As the founder of Thinking BRAINS, she utilizes NBI® brain profiling assessment tools to help parents understand how their children think, learn, study, and communicate. Janine completed the NBI Whole Brain Practitioners course in 2014 through the KNI (Kobus Neethling) Institute, gaining the insight and skills to apply the NBI® assessment tool to individuals, parents, and classrooms. With a passion for making a difference, Janine is an active community member and has received positive feedback for the many profiles she has completed over the years.”

Our Mission

Empowering young minds with essential information to sustain creativity and develop effective problem-solving skills. We help them understand their communication, learning, problem-solving, and decision-making styles, enabling them to thrive in their personal and academic life. At Thinking Brains, we’re dedicated to offering practical solutions that resonate with parents, addressing specific challenges in their child’s education and development.”

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